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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Nachrichten 2008

Mon, 21. January 2008



Presentation of Photograph Book

During a ceremony in the offices of the Austrian President in the Viennese Hofburg, Dr. Fritz Panzer, business manager of the Carl Ueberreuter Publishing House, presented the picture book "Die Welt der Wiener Philharmoniker". The photographer Jeanette Handler had, together with the camera team of Daniel Schmutzer, accompanied our orchestra on tours for an entire year. Daniel Schmutzer's documentary film was presented on December 30, 2007, by the ORF, while the picture book of Jeanette Handler represents a selection of 350 photos reduced from an original 1400 taken on four different continents. (The book is available in book stores as well as in our ticket office at Kärntner Ring 12, 1010 Vienna).



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