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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Nachrichten 2009

Tue, 17. February 2009



Gold Medal of Service for Eva Angyan

On January 19, 2009, Eva Angyan, who since 1990 has served as President for the Vienna Philharmonic Ball, was awarded the "Gold  Medal of Service to the City of Vienna". Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny,  Cultural Advisor for the city of Vienna, presented the award and descrobed the Philharmonic Ball as "Vienna's Business Card" all over the world, embossed with the "generosity, precision, professionalism and cordiality of Eva Angyan." The message of tribute was delivered by Kammerschauspieler Michael Heltau, and Werner Hink was responsible for the music, performing along with Christine David the first and last movements from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Sonata for Piano and Violin in B-flat Major, KV 454.



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