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Mon, 1. January 2018


Vienna, Austria
Musikverein, Golden Hall

Sold out! Tickets for the New Year's Concerts can only be purchased by participation in the drawing which takes places annually on this website between January 2nd and February 28th.

New Year's Concert

Conductor Riccardo Muti

Orchestra Wiener Philharmoniker

Riccardo Muti


Johann Strauss, Jr.
Entrance March from the Operetta "The Gypsy Baron"

Josef Strauss
Wiener Fresken (Viennese Frescos), Waltz, op. 249

Johann Strauss, Jr.
Brautschau (Bride Shopping), Polka, op. 417
Leichtes Blut (Light of Heart), Fast Polka, op. 319

Johann Strauss, sen.
Marienwalzer (Maria Waltz), op. 212
William Tell Galop, op. 29b

Franz von Suppé
Overture to "Boccaccio"

Johann Strauss, Jr.
Myrthenblüten (Myrtle Blossoms), Waltz, op. 395

Alphons Czibulka
Stephanie Gavotte, op. 312

Johann Strauss, Jr.
Freikugeln (Magic Bullets), Fast Polka, op. 326
Tales from the Vienna Woods, Waltz, op. 325
Fest-Marsch (Festival March), op. 452
Stadt und Land (Town and Country), Polka Mazurka, op. 322
Un ballo in maschera (Masked Ball), Quadrille, op. 272
Rosen aus dem Süden (Roses from the South), Waltz, op. 388

Josef Strauss
Eingesendet (Letters to the Editor), Fast Polka, op. 240

The zither solo in the waltz "Tales from the Vienna Woods" is performed by Barbara Laister-Ebner.

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