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Tue, 1. January 2019


Vienna, Austria
Musikverein, Golden Hall

Sold out! Tickets for the New Year's Concerts can only be purchased by participation in the drawing which takes places annually on this website between February 1 and 28.

New Year's Concert

Conductor Christian Thielemann

Orchestra Wiener Philharmoniker

Christian Thielemann


Carl Michael Ziehrer
Schönfeld March, op. 422

Josef Strauss
Transactionen (Transactions). Walzer, op.184

Josef Hellmesberger, Jr.
Elfenreigen (Dance of the Elves), o. op.

Johann Strauss Jr.
Express. Polka schnell, op. 311
Nordseebilder (North Sea Pictures). Walzer, op. 390

Eduard Strauss
Mit Extrapost (Special Delivery). Polka schnell, op. 259

-- Pause --

Johann Strauss Jr.
Overture to the Operetta "Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gypsy Baron)"

Josef Strauss
Die Tänzerin (The Dancer). Polka française, op. 227

Johann Strauss Jr.
Künstlerleben (An Artist’s Life). Walzer, op. 316
Die Bajadere (The Bayadere). Polka schnell, op. 351

Eduard Strauss
Opern-Soiree (Opera Soirée). Polka française, op. 162

Johann Strauss Jr.
Eva-Walzer (Eva Waltz). Nach Motiven aus "Ritter Pásmán"
Csárdás aus „Ritter Pásmán“, op. 441
Egyptischer Marsch (Egyptian March), op. 335

Josef Hellmesberger, Jr.
Entr'acte Valse

Johann Strauss Jr.
Lob der Frauen (In Praise of Women). Polka mazur, op. 315

Josef Strauss
Sphärenklänge (Music of the Spheres). Walzer, op. 235

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