April 16, 2020

In Memoriam Prof. Ewald Winkler

Ewald Winkler was born in Vienna on April 11, 1925. His father, Wilhelm Winkler, was the solo cellist at the Vienna Volksoper and Ewald received his first cello lessons from Fritz Neckam, a student of his father's, who taught an instrumental music class at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna as well as performing chamber music with the Sedlak-Winkler Quartet.  Ewald Winkler received additional instruction from 1945-46 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with Prof. Weigel and later, between 1948 through 1954, he was a student in the class of Richard Krotschak at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts. As early as 1954 he was a subsititute at the Vienna Volksoper and had a position in the Wiener Chamber Orchestra as of 1952.

Following a successful audition he was engaged as the third principal cellist at the Vienna State Opera Orchestra as of November 1, 1955, and maintained this position until 1973. He was accepted into the Association of the Vienna Philharmonic on September 1, 1957 and entered retirement in September 1990. Prof. Ewald Winkler had been one of the few living orchestra members who took part in the legendary "World Tour" in 1959 with Herbert von Karajan.