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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Mon, 06. October 2008



Philharmonic Youth Projects in Sommer 2008

As is the case every summer, the Vienna Philharmonic was once again involved in several youth projects having various objectives. From July 24 through August 1 in Slovenia, the "International Music Forum Trenta," a workshop for young string players sponsored by Bank Austria, received our support for the ninth time. Volkhard Steude, Elmar Landerer, Wolfgang Herzer and Peter Götzel instructed 21 students in violin, viola, cello and chamber music and As in the previous years, the piano accompaniment was provided by Andreas Rentsch. The traditional closing concert will take place on October 21, 2008 in the Brahmssaal of the Musikverein in Vienna.

The Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy of the Vienna Philharmonic took place between July 21 and August 30 in Salzburg. This year the emphasis was not on audition seminars, but rather chamber music instruction. The 18 participants who worked with Rainer Küchl, Werner Hink, Daniel Froschauer, Günter Seifert, Erich Schagerl, Peter Götzel, Raimund Lissy, Tibor Kovác, Gerald Schubert, Heinz Koll, Tobias Lea, Hans Peter Ochsenhofer, Robert Nagy, Jerzy Dybał, Günter Voglmayr, Martin Gabriel, Michael Werba, Dietmar Küblböck, as well as Mark Gaal and Jeremy Wilson (both trombonists, with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra), studied no less than 37 compositions and were directly involved in the Salzburg Festival by providing the stage music for "Don Giovanni" and "Die Zauberflöte." On August 27 in the Aula of the Old University, a concluding marathon was held, lasting some six hours, in which, among other things, Richard Strauss' "Metamorphosen" and Capriccio Sextet, as well as the 8th String Quartet of Dimitri Shostakovich (with Rainer Küchl, Heinrich Koll, Erich Schagerl and Johannes Tomböck) were performed.

The seminars in audition techniques initiated by Gerald Schubert, in cooperation with the "Association of Friends of the Vienna Philharmonic" and the "Angelika Prokopp Foundation has proved to be very efficient. Between 2005 and 2007, no less than 20 of the 45 participants  have received engagements in 8 different orchestras, and 10 of those are with the Vienna State Opera.

The annual International Orchestra Institute in Attergau, which was founded by Professor Wolfgang Schuster in 1994 and to which students are invited from all over Europe and abroad, took place between August 17 and 31 in St. Georgen am Attersee. Under the patronage of the Vienna Philharmonic (academic director and music theory: Prof. Gregor Widholm), Daniel Froschauer, Helmut Zehetner, Peter Götzel, Robert Nagy, Milan Sagat, Meinhart Niedermayr, Harald Hörth, Peter Schmidl, Michael Werba, Wolfgang Tomböck, Hans Peter Schuh, Karl Jeitler und Kurt Prihoda worked with 61 students from 16 different countries, preparing two concert programs. On August 23 in the Pfarrkirche Gampern, Sascha Goetzel conducted Anton Bruckner's Mass No. 3 in F Minor and on August 30 in the Felsenreitschule under the baton of  Jordi Savall, Suites from the "The Fairy Queen" by Henry Purcell, and "Alceste" by Jean-Baptiste Lully, as well as Georg Friedrich Händel's " Concerto a due cori in F Major and "Music for the Royal Fireworks" was performed. This program was repeated on August 31 in the Schloß Kammer am Attersee.

A unique undertaking has established itself as a traditional event after taking place for the third time on August 17, 2008, on the "Jedermann-Stage" of Salzburg's Domplatz during the Salzburg Festival. The Vienna Philharmonic, the Salzburg Festival and the Salzburger Blasmusikverband joined once again to produce a concert featuring young woodwind and brass players. This event, which developed from an idea of Gerald Schubert two years ago, and proved an immediate success with the audience, has been modified so that half its participants come from Salzburg and the other half from the other Austrian provinces. In 2007 the featured musicians came from Upper Austria; this year guests from Lower Austria, and for next year, young musicians from Tyrol will be invited. The musical preparations, extending over a three day period, were made by Wolfgang Breinschmid, Alexander Öhlberger, Peter Schmidl, Michael Werba, Lars Michael Stransky, Stephan Haimel, Mark Gaal (trombone, Vienna State Opera Orchestra) and Paul Halwax. As in the past years, Karl Jeitler served in the capacity of general director, conducting works by Carl Maria von Weber, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, Johann and Joseph Strauss, Emil Waldteufel and Carl Michael Ziehrer.  Special arrangements for some of the pieces on the program were provided by Anton Sollfelner, E.Schmidt-Köthen, Hermann Männecke, Harald Kolasch and Otto Wagner.

With the support of the Friends of the Vienna Philharmonic, the Friends of the Salzburg Festival and the American Austrian Foundation in Salzburg, the Vienna Philharmonic, together with "passwort:klassik" produced two opera-music camps at Arenberg Palace in Salzburg for 34 young people between 7 and 15 years of age, attending from Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, USA, and Mexico,. With the help of Hanne Muthspiel-Payer and her team, special versions of works which were being presented at the Festival were prepared, visits to dress rehearsals of the respective operas were provided, a back-stage tour was offered and, on the final days of the camps, the young people's version of the operas, which included participation by members of the Vienna Philharmonic, were presented to the general public."

The camp for kids of 11 - 15 years of age took place between August 3-8, and focused on Béla Bartók's opera, "Bluebeard's Castle". Our two Austro- Hungarian principal cellists, Tamás Varga and Robert Nagy, along with Wolfgang Vladar made the musical preparations. From August 10 – 16, children 7 - 10 years of age were busy with Mozart's "Magic Flute".  Backdrops, costumes, and stage sets were for the most part produced by the youngsters themselves. The high-points of both camps were the performances themselves, which took place on a stage in the foyer of the old University on August 8 and 16. Daniel Froschauer, Christoph Wimmer, Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet, Vienna State Opera Orchestra) and Ronald Janezic, as well as Walter Auer, Johannes Tomböck, Christian Frohn und Sebastian Bru (Violoncello, Vienna State Opera Orchestra) also participated.


We would also like to report on another youth project supported by the Vienna Philharmonic which took place a while ago. At the University of Bloemfontein (South Africa) at the end of March 2008, as part of the "Mangaung String Program", a camp for children and youth orchestras was held, inspired by Ulla Schulz, and presented by her daughter, Veronika, her nephew, the conductor and composer, Emanuel Schulz, violinist Thomas Bik and South African cellist Bertine van Schoor. The course had various goals. The children received instruction about fundamental playing techniques necessary for mastering their instruments, since generally the  time available for basic instrumental instruction is insufficient. In addition, the students were exposed to Viennese music (the Radetzky March and Pizzicato Polka, as well as selections from "Die Zauberflöte"). The students also rehearsed and performed the composition "Me na ńwana (Mother and Child)", a work commissioned by the Vienna Philharmonic and composed by Emanuel Schulz, which includes elements of African music and features instruments like the marimba, kalimba and glockenspiel. The event, which was characterized by the youthful enthusiasm of the children, culminated with two concerts, one in the Odeon of the University of Bloemfontein and the other in the city of Ladybrand.

The contribution of the Vienna Philharmonic was not only financial. Besides the compact disks and DVDs, containing music recorded by our orchestra, there were T-shirts with our emblem, which proved extremely popular. Additional sponsors provided violin bows, strings and mutes. The pictures, as well as a DVD recording of the rehearsals and concerts, convey some very moving moments, and make our continued support of the event, as requested by the faculty, a matter of course.

-- Dr. Clemens Hellsberg



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