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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Sat, 15. November 2008



European Tour with Christoph Eschenbach


Following the second subscription concert (Oct. 11/12, 2008), for which Christoph Eschenbach conducted Franz Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" as well as Anton Bruckner's 6th Symphony, a brief European tour took place. The first stop was at the Basilica San Paolo Fuori le mura in Rome, where on October 13, as part of the "VII Festival Internationale die Musica e Arte Sacra", the Philharmonic performed Bruckner's 6th Symphony before an audience of 5000 which included Pope Benedict XVI and the membership of the full general assembly of the Bishop's Synod. After the performance, the Pope gave a speech in which he addressed our orchestra in German: "With gratitude and pleasure I greet the members of the Vienna Philharmonic, who today under the baton of Christoph Eschenbach,  have performed for the 7th time as part of the Festival Internationale di Musica e Arte Sacra, giving their listeners great joy. Dear Friends, with your professionalism and artistic ability, you consistently manage to touch the hearts of your audience and in their hearing this wonderful music of Bruckner, cause their human souls to vibrate. With your musical talent, you take our thoughts beyond the human, and toward the divine. For doing that, I ask that God may reward you!" The tour was concluded with appearances on the October 14/15, 2008, in Aalborg, where our orchestra made its first appearance on April 8, 2002 under Lorin Maazel, and in Cologne. On both these evenings Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony," and Bruckner's 6th were performed.



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