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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Ehrungen 2010

Wed, 13. January 2010



Distinguished Awards for Five Philharmonic Musicians

At a ceremony in the Hofburg on December 16, 2009, Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer presented five members of the Vienna Philharmonic with distinguished awards. Professor Dr. Clemens Hellsberg received the Austrian Honorary Cross of Science and the Arts, 1st Class; Professor Heinz Koll received the Austrian Honorary Cross of Science and the Arts; and Professor Milan Sagat received the Silver Medal of Service to the Republic of Austria. Günter Federsel und Gerhard Iberer were awarded the honorary title of Professor. The speaker for the occasion was Professor Dr. Karl Korinek with the musical entertainment being provided by Milan Šetena, Michal Kostka, Michael Strasser and Raphael Flieder. "Alla Tango miolonga" and "Alla Tarantella" were performed from the "Five Pieces for String Quartet" by the Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff, who was murdered in the concentration camp at Wülzburg in Bavaria on August 18, 1942 by the National Socialists. Milan Šetena has for years dedicated himself to this composer's works with his "Schulhoff-Quartet.



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