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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Thu, 18. March 2010



Vienna Philharmonic Haydn Edition

The Haydn Edition can be
ordered at the E-Shop
of the Vienna Philharmonic 

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn, the Vienna Philharmonic has published under its own auspices a special edition intended to give an insight into the composer's vast symphonic production while at the same time furnishing a selective documentation of the Philharmonic's own Haydn interpretations. To this end, seven symphonies from different periods of Haydn's creativity were chosen, which were recorded by the Vienna Philharmonic with five different conductors over a period of 37 years. The oldest recording, under the baton of Zubin Mehta, dates from the year 1972, and is followed by concerts from the year 1991 with Christian von Dohnányi, 1996 with Pierre Boulez, 1998 with Franz Welser-Möst and three recordings from the anniversary year 2009 under Nikolaus Harnoncourt and, once again, Welser-Möst.

Joseph Haydn composed 108 symphonies, of which one was lost and the other was a special type of Sinfonia concertante. In surveying the remaining 106 Symphonies, we observe that every one is a singular work of art. Haydn does not repeat himself and he never wrote a "typical" Haydn Symphony. He conceived the symphony as a genre which provided him the opportunity to express himself in a variety of ways within a specified yet variable form.

The CD Edition at hand includes symphonies from the 1760's, when Haydn was searching and experimenting, striving to find himself and make his name; and from the 1790's, when he was established as a world famous composer, but still experimenting in order to retain his audiences' attention through constant innovation. The first three symphonies were conceived for and based upon his experiences at Prince Esterhazy's Court. The latter four symphonies were composed in London for public concerts in a middle class musical scene which closely resembled our present day experience with the music industry and concert life. Here Haydn had to justify his reputation, measure up to the competition, and repeatedly win the hearts of his listeners.


Symphony No. 12, E major, Hob. I:12 (1763)
Christian von Dohnányi | November 10, 1991 | Vienna, Musikverein

Symphony No. 22, E–flat major, Hob. I:22 , 'The Philosopher' (1764)
Zubin Mehta | January 16, 1972 | Vienna, Musikverein

Symphony No. 26, D minor, Hob. I:26, 'Lamentations' (between 1766 and 1768)
Franz Welser-Möst | March 22, 1998 | Vienna, Musikverein

Symphony No. 93, D major, Hob. I: 93, 2nd London Symphony (1791)
Nikolaus Harnoncourt  | May 10, 2009 | Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus

Symphony No. 98, B-flat major, Hob. I: 98 , 4th London Symphony (1792)
Franz Welser-Möst | September 8, 2009 | Lucerne Festival

Symphony No. 103, E-flat major, Hob. I:103 , 8th London Symphony, 'Drumroll'  (1795)
Nikolaus Harnoncourt | May 10, 2009 | Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus

Symphony No. 104, D major, Hob. I:104 , 7th London Symphony (1795)
Pierre Boulez | March 24, 1996 | Vienna, Musikverein



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