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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Thu, 29. April 2010


Children's Concert with Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Children's Concert with Christian
Thielemann and Beethoven's
9th Symphony

"If you want to get young people interested in classical music, this is the way to do it!" remarked an enthusiastic teacher.

During the Vienna Philharmonic's intensive Beethoven phase of the last few weeks, the orchestra and Christian Thielemann also found time for a young audience. On April 15th, having been well-prepared in advance of their visit to the concert hall, over 1600 elementary school children and their teachers descended upon Vienna's Konzerthaus. In the course of the one hour concert, the students were captivated by the music and the diversified accompanying presentation.

Replete with pictures and biographical details, the humanitarian idea of the 9th Symphony, as well as Beethoven's deafness, were the main themes of the concert. Particularly impressive was the performance of the Sign Language Chorus of the Federal Institute for the Deaf. Forty deaf young people presented the text in sign language while the Vienna Boy's Chorus and the Vorlaut Children's Chorus of the Vienna Konzerthaus performed, together with the orchestra, the music to the "Ode to Joy". For this short period of time, Beethoven's desire that "all men become brothers" certainly became a reality.

"Can we come back next year?" was the comment of the enthusiastic students.


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