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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Tue, 22. June 2010



Concerts Commemorating the 150th Birthday of Gustav Mahler

The performance of Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony in the 5th Soiree was part of a series of concerts to honour the 150th birthday, occurring on July 7, 1010, of this former director of the Vienna Court Opera and a Subscription Concert Conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic. On May 6/7, the work also appeared on the concert program in Düsseldorf and Cologne, as well as on May 9th and 10th for the opening of the Vienna Festival Weeks and a concert for the Society of Friends of Music in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein. These latter concerts also featured the overture to "Manfred", op. 115, by Robert Schumann, whose 200th birthday is being commemorated in the music world this year. In Cologne the "Tragic Overture", op. 81, by Johannes Brahms was performed. Two additional performances of the 5th Symphony in the 8th Subscription Concert on May 15th and 16th concluded this tribute to Gustav Mahler.



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