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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Wed, 04. August 2010


Vienna Philharmonic Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy

Young musicians display their abilities in three concerts on August 27, 2010


The Vienna Philharmonic Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy took place for the fourth time in August 2010 in Salzburg. The academy has as its goal the development of music students who stand at the threshold of a career in music. Compositions by J.S. Bach, Handel, Gabrieli, W.A. Mozart, Reicha, Brahms, Franz Lachner, Dvorak, Joh. Strauss, Nielsen, Schönberg, Debussy, Schulhoff, Martinu, Enescu, Poulenc, Shostakovich, Ireland and Francaix were prepared. A selection from this repertoire was performed at the closing marathon concert.

This chamber music marathon concert took place on August 27, 2010, in the large Universitätsaula. In three back-to-back concerts at 4 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM the students displayed all facets of their ability together with members of the Vienna Philharmonic. All in all, 60 talented young musicians (including six students from Salzburg)  participated in the course and received instruction from 25 Philharmonic musicians.

The Summer Academy is led by an artistic committee, headed by Prof. Michael Werba (Vienna Philharmonic), which is responsible for selecting the participants. Most of the participants had an opportunity to perform the stage music at the Salzburg Festival for the productions of Don Giovanni, Lulu and Orfeo.


Vienna Philharmonic Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy 2010

Michael Werba

Artistic Commitee
Michael Werba (bassoon), René Staar (violin), Gotthard Eder (trumpet), Erich Schagerl (violin), Gerald Schubert (violin), Daniel Froschauer (violin), Christian Frohn (viola), Robert Nagy (violoncello), Paul Halwax (tuba)

Charlotte Balzereit (harp), Ian Bousfield (trombone), Albena Danailova (concertmaster), Gotthard Eder (trumpet), Dieter Flury (flute), Christian Frohn (viola), Daniel Froschauer (violin), Peter Götzel (violin, viola), Holger Groh (violin), Paul Halwax (tuba), Tibor Kovác (violin), Herbert Mayr (contrabass), Robert Nagy (violoncello), Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet), Wolfgang Plank (oboe), Erich Schagerl (violin), Gerald Schubert (violin), Günter Seifert (violin), Milan Setena (violin), René Staar (violin), Norbert Täubl (clarinet), Tamás Varga (violoncello), Wolfgang Vladar (horn), Günter Voglmayr (flute), Michael Werba (bassoon).

This year's academy was comprised of 13 violins, 4 violas, 5 violoncelli, 11 contrabasses, 3 flutes, 4 oboes, 4 clarinets, 3 bassoons, 3 horns, 4 trombones, 6 trumpets, 1 tuba and 1 harp. The students were also assisted in their preparations by 5 professional rehearsal pianists.

Summer Academy Folder 2010



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