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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Thu, 25. August 2011


Young Music Camp Participants Catch Opera Virus

Music Camps 2011

Whether from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, England, Canada, USA, Mexico or Indonesia - the more than 80 children and young people who attended the Verdi and Janacek Camps have been infected with the Opera virus. The operas MacBeth and The Makropulos Affair can hardly be considered material for young audiences, yet during the course of numerous workshops at Arenberg Palace with a team of artists, teachers and orchestral musicians, the young participants became opera experts and produced their own short versions and musical commentaries on the original compositions, which they experienced firsthand at the Salzburg Festival. After the closing performances in the main auditorium of Salzburg University, the near unanimous opinion of the participants was, "Next year I definitely come back to Salzburg to the music camp!"

To learn to understand opera as Gesamtkunst was the goal of these camps. In the short version of Giuseppi Verdi's MacBeth, it was the witches who were pulling the strings. With their devilish card game they determined the fates of the main characters, who were distinguished by masks.

In Leoš Janáček's opera The Makropulos Affair, the theme is eternal life. The young people asked themselves, as well as passers-by on the street the question: eternal life - is that something worh stirving for? Elina Makropulos had no choice. Her father Hieronymus brewed an elixir for Emperor Rudolph II (1552-1612) and tried it out on her. Since then the opera singer has lived in various identities upon the earth - for 300 years. Now her unnaturally long life draws to a close and she searches desperately for the recipe. In the short version E.M. forever, a cleaning squad stirs up a lot of dust from the past while philosophizing about mortality.

"The more I hear, the more I understand how valuable such a week is for all the kids. My daughter has learnt so much, she has met so many wonderful people – adults, as well as other children – and she has gained so much inspiration and even more interest in opera, than before."

Rückblick Verdi-Camp
Rückblick Janácek-Camp



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