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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Interna 2012

Mon, 26. March 2012



Two New Members

At the Philharmonic general business meeting on February 20, 2012, Wolfgang Plank and Christoph Gigler were accepted into the Association of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Wolfgang Plank
Foto: "bolnberger.at"

Wolfgang Plank, was born in Eggenburg on September 20, 1971 and received early musical training beginning in 1976 with Maria Mondl at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and also took a preparatory piano course with Renate Kramer-Preisenhammer. In 1981 he became a member of the Vienna Boy's Chorus to which he belonged for five years and provided him with rich musical experiences such as particiapation in performances of Tosca and Turandot at the Vienna State Opera and recordings with Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Beginning in 1986, Wolfgang Plank studied oboe with Manfred Kautzky and Klaus Lienbacher at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He received his high school diploma at the Vienna Music High School in 1991. In 1996 he graduated from the university with distinction and also received a special award. In addition, he studied baroque oboe from 1994 -1999 at the Vienna Conservatory with Marie Wolf. Wolfgang Plank was engaged by the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra in 1997 and moved to the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra in October 2006. He became a member of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra on November 1, 2008.

Long before his first orchestral engagement, Wolfgang Plank was active as a chamber musician and soloist, and also performed with the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Symphony, in the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper and many other ensembles, including the Vienna Academy, the New Opera Vienna, the Ensemble die reihe, Klangforum Vienna, Ensemble Vienna Collage, Vienna Chamber Opera and Vienna Chamber Orchestra. Wolfgang Plank also worked at music schools in Waidhofen/Ybbs and Retz, and is closely involved with the instrument maker Radovanovic in the continued development of the Viennese oboe and its related auxiliary instruments.


Christoph Gigler

Christoph Gigler was born on August 26, 1983 in Hartberg (Styria). Beginning in 1999 he studied tuba and Instrumental and Vocal Music Education (IGP) at the Johann-Joseph-Fux Conservatory in Graz, where he received his first diploma in 2005. At the same time, he completed a course of study in the folk instruments Styrian harmonica, zither and hammered dulcimer, and went on to study IGP and tuba at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz with Wilfried Brandstötter. In 2005 he received an academy position with the Munich Philharmonic where he was active until 2007 and also received instruction from Tom Walsh. In 2008 he was engaged at the State Theater in Wiesbaden but changed only three months later to the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, to which he has belonged since December 1, 2008.

In addition to his orchestral activities, Christoph Gigler is a member of numerous ensembles, such as the Vienna - Berlin Brass Qunitet (with Thomas Jöbstl and Dietmar Küblböck) and belongs to the GHO Jazz Orchestra, directed by the composer and conductor Gerhard Hermann Order. He is also a member of the Vienna Brass Connection, an ensemble made up of 19 musicians from various orchestras, and has remained faithful to his studies on folk instruments, performing in diverse ensembles on the Styrian harmonica.



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