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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Sun, 03. March 2013


Sinfonia por el Perú Signs Agreement with the Vienna Philharmonic

Youth Symphony Orchestra
"Sinfonía por el Perú"

As part of the agreement and the strategic partnership of the two institutions, the Vienna Philharmonic members Peter Götzel, Wolfgang Gürtler, Peter Schmidl, Karl Jeitler and Roland Altmann will hold workshops for violin, contrabass, clarinet, trombone und timpani for the members of the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Sinfonía por el Perú" from March 6 -17th. In addition, artistic workshops will be held for all members of the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Sinfonía por el Perú", which will culminate in a concert in the Teatro Municipal under the direction of Maestro Peter Schmidl.

The results of this collaboration can also be heard in performances of "William Tell" in the Grand National Theater on March 1, 4 and 7, 2013, when the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Sinfonía por el Perú", together with the members of the Vienna Philharmonic, will accompany Juan Diego Flórez.

Sinfonía por el Perú
The Youth Symphony Orchestra "Sinfonía por el Perú" is a part of the organization "Sinfonía por el Perú". It is intended as a nucleus of educators who go on to teach the children of the various cell groups of "Sinfonía por el Perú". At the same time, it is an ensemble which strives to awaken in children the wish to one day become members of the orchestra themselves. It is also the goal, with the assistance of musicians and musical institutions at the national and international levels, to develop it into a representative orchestra of the country.



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