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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Aktivitäten 2015

Wed, 20. May 2015

Prof. Reinhard Öhlberger



Concerts and Tour with Riccardo Muti

The Phlharmonic spent the final days of April with Riccardo Muti, in which three concert programs were prepared. These included a concert for the Society of the Friends of Music in Vienna and the the weekend subscription concerts, which where immediately followed by a concert tour to Russia.

For the concert for the Society of the Friends of Music, Josef Haydn's Symphony Hob. 1 Nr. 48 in C major ("Marie Theresia") and Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in C major, D 944, were performed. For the subscription concert on the weekend, the "Overture in Italian Style" in C major, D 591, by Franz Schubert and the "Haffner Symphony" in D major, KV 385, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were heard. Following the intermission, the Symphony No. 2 in D major, op. 73, by Johannes Brahms was played.

On Monday, April 27th, the orchestra traveled to St. Petersburg, where the subscription concert program was repeated in the Haus Mariinsky II, augmented by the Fast Polka "Im Sturmschritt" op. 348 by Johann Strauss, which served as the encore.

The concerts in Moscow were given in the State Kremlin Palace (known previously as the Kremlin Congressional Palace). Here on the first day, the Vienna Philharmonic performed under Riccardo Muti the afore-mentioned program (Haydn "Maria Theresa" and the "Great C Major Symphony" by Schubert) with the overture to "Nabucco" by Verdi as an encore. On the next day, the subscription concert program was repeated with a slight variation: the "Nabucco" overture (Verdi), "Haffner" (Mozart) and Symphony Nr. 2 (Brahms). As an encore the "Stürmschritt" by Johann Strauss, which had been rehearsed in St. Petersburg, was performed.

The final concert on this tour took place within the intimate framework of the city of Klin, some 90 versts away from Moscow. The event took place in the rooms of the Tchaikovsky Museum of Klin. Here the third program in this series was performed. Following the performances of the "Overture in Italian Style" (Schubert),  the "Haffner Symphony" (Mozart), and the Symphony No. 5 in E minor, op. 64, by Tchaikovsky, the encore, "Nabucco" was performed as an encore befitting this special occasion.



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