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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Wed, 17. April 2019

Wiener Philharmoniker



Solidarity for Notre-Dame de Paris

The disastrous fire in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris represents not only a tragedy for France, but touches all individuals of good will, particularly France's European neighbors and friends. In order to focus additional attention on the shared task of the reconstruction of  Notre-Dame de Paris, the Fondazione Pro Arte e Musica Sacra - organizer of the Anton Bruckner Cathedral Project - together with the Vienna Philharmonic have decided that the concert in the Berlin Cathedral on May 2, 2019, will take place under the motto of "Stand Together! Solidarity for Notre-Dame de Paris" in the service of this challenge of the century.

“With this Bruckner-Cathedral Concert, we hope to encourage people to support the reconstruction efforts of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was so tragically damaged by fire", comments Vienna Philharmonic Chairman Daniel Froschauer. “Just at this time of insecurity and confrontation, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris stands as a message of peace and solidarity among all peoples, adds Dr. Hans-Albert Courtial. "Therefore, it is now up to us to stand together and invest in the message of peace which will emanate visibly from this project of the century in Paris."

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