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International Orchestra Institute Attergau

A Vienna Philharmonic Project
In Cooperation with the Institute for Viennese Sound & Style of the University of Music in Vienna

Helmut Zehetner and Christoph Koncz Conduct the International Orchestra Institute Attergau 2018

Soloist: Daniel Ottensamer

Helmut Zehetner ©  Lukas Beck ≡ InfoHelmut Zehetner | + Zoom

Christoph Koncz ©  Caroline Doutre ≡ InfoChristoph Koncz | + Zoom The IOIA is a project of the Vienna Philharmonic in which the members of the orchestra as instructors provide the participating students with special insight into the characteristics of what has become well-known around the world as the "Viennese Sound". At the same time, the participants have the opportunity to work with a conductor who through his concert experience with the Vienna Philharmonic also knows how best to best produce this unique sound and style.

Members of the Vienna Philharmonic often appear as soloists at the IOIA so that the students can experience firsthand the interpretations of individual musicians. Another special characteristic is that at the concerts, the students are supported by members of the Vienna Philharmonic, also in tutti, in order to understand how the musicians approach the particular challenges of orchestral playing.


Young musicians of all nationalities who meet the following requirements are eligible to participate in the International Orchestra Institute Attergau 2018:

  • Proficiency on one of the follwing orchestral instruments: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn
  • Age between 16 und 23 years (exceptions are possible)
  • working knowledge of German or English
  • Confirmation of health insurance which is valid in Austria


The fee for the course is €750. This includes all teaching units, expenses for various excursions, accommodations in a double room with breakfast and one warm meal per day.

Due to the generous support granted by the Friends of the Vienna Philharmonic in the form of individual scholarships, the actual amount which each participant must pay is reduced to just €200. After receiving an invitation to participate in the course, the payment of this amount into the account of the IOIA serves as confirmation of your registration.

Course Dates

The course begins on August 4, 2018 and concludes on August 12, 2018. 
Registration deadline: May 11, 2018


The Viennese Sound

Helmut Zehetner ©  Lukas Beck ≡ InfoHelmut Zehetner | + Zoom "The Vienna Philharmonic is considered worldwide to be the orchestra with the most individual and distinctive sound and style.To preserve these assets, which in times of standardization and globalization represent something special and unique, is a very important matter for the Vienna Philharmonic. The so-called "Viennese Sound", which the Vienna Philharmonic represents, is a style of playing which has developed over many generations and, much like the Olympic flame, has to be handed from one generation from the next in order to keep it from going out.

It is a matter of great importance to the Vienna Philharmonic, as well as being a significant responsibility, to pass on this form of musical communication to as many young people as possible.

The IOIA is the institution in which all of these goals can be realized in concentrated form. Necessary for its preservation and continuation is the support of sponsors with cultural understanding and a vision for the future, because only coming generations will truly be able to reap the benefits."

Prof. Helmut Zehetner, long-time instructor at IOIA

The Attergau and the Festival "Attersee Classic"

Der Attersee ≡ InfoDer Attersee | + Zoom

The Attergau, which is located approximately 50 kilometers outside of the festival city of Salzburg, together with St. Georgen, Straß, Berg and Seewalchen, is the location of the International Orchestra Institute for Viennese Sound Style. 

The Attergau, along with the Attersee, lies in the northern part of the Salzkammergut, one of the most fascinating landscapes of Central Europe. To this day, as in the days of Romanticism, the Salzkammergut is a preferred domicile for authors, painters and musicians. In many museums of the world, views of this landscape by famous Austrian painters of the Biedermeier era can be seen. 

Seewalchen lies directly on the shore of the Attersee. On a hill above the town there is the State Music School, a late Biedermeier school building, which was recently redesigned with considerable financial means into an exemplary music school with twelve class rooms, a theory and presentation as well as ballet hall.

Directly from the terrace in front of the school one has a view of the lake, the Höllengebirge mountain range, the Flöge Villa as well as the Kammer Palace. It is the lake at which Brahms lived and where Mahler wrote his 3rd Symphony. The Flöge Villa often served as the summer retreat of Gustav Klimt.



International Orchestra Institute Attergau
Regina Schmallegger



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