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Opera Camps at the Salzburg Festival

Not only for adults does the Salzburg Festival turn the world of opera on its head! This coming summer, children and young people once again have the opportunity of immersing themselves in the world of opera in one of the well-attended passwort:klassik opera camps.

For each of these one-week camps, the program is based on the program of the Salzburg Festival, and the opera productions performed for an adult audience during the festival are also the focus of the opera camps. Before visiting the rehearsal of the original work, the participants receive an age-appropriate introduction to the piece. Subsequently, dramaturges, stage directors and vocalists provide the young audience with an insight into their work or discuss the production with them.

At the same time, under professional supervision, the camp participants develop a production of the opera of their own. A team of drama teachers, stage directors, set designers, choreographers, musicians, composers and choir directors develop a new concept for each opera camp, which the participants then bring to life with their own ideas, skills and talents. The participants take on several roles – as musicians in the camp orchestra, in the choir, as stage designers or as actors.

For the final performance, the camp participants are joined by musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic. The camps are held in German and English, so that participants must have command of one of these two languages to attend. The participants stay in Arenberg Palace with the entire camp team (without parents).

Registration for the Opera Camps 2019 startet Mitte November.

Opera Camps 2018 in Review

Jedermann Camp 2018

The young participants attended the dress rehearsal of Jedermann at the Cathedral Square in Salzburg and then developed their own version with great enthusiasm.

Zauberflöten Camp

The final public performance of the Zauberflöte Camp with 44 children from seven different countries took place in the Mozarteum.

Pique Dame Camp 2018

At the Pique Dame-Camp, the cards were reshuffeled, and the story line was transplanted from the 18th to the 21st century. The music, the acting and the videos were developed and performed by the young camp participants themselves.

Bassarids Camp 2018

Dancing, orchestral playing, choral singing and staging were important elements of the Bassarids Camp for 43 young participants from 16 different countries.



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