Special Annual Edition 2022 / Welser-Möst


Recorded live at the Salzburg Festival in 2021, the Vienna Philharmonic’s 2022 Special Annual Edition is dedicated to works by Richard Strauss. Conducted by Franz Welser-Möst, who is currently one of the foremost interpreters of Richard Strauss’s works, the orchestra performed the Suite from the opera Der Rosenkavalier op. 59 (in a version by R. Mandell/ F. Welser-Möst) and Eine Alpensinfonie op. 64. If the Suite from Der Rosenkavalier can be heard as a homage to the opera, Eine Alpensinfonie is a sublime depiction of nature with deep philosophical insight, which enjoyed its Salzburg Festival premiere exactly 90 years ago, in August 1932, under the baton of Richard Strauss. 

Franz Welser-Möst / Vienna Philharmonic 

Richard Strauss   

Suite from the opera Der Rosenkavalier 

Eine Alpensinfonie