December 29, 2023

2024 New Year's Concert Donation

© Dieter Nagl für die Wiener Philharmoniker

Climate and environmental protection is very important to the Vienna Philharmonic. That is why we have also dedicated a composition by Eduard Strauss, "Die Hochquelle", a polka mazur, which was composed on the occasion of the opening of the Vienna High Spring Pipeline, to environmental protection and gave this year's New Year's Concert donation of 100,000 euros to an environmental protection project of the Confederation of Austrian Alpine Societies (VAVÖ).

One of the many objectives of the VAVÖ is to advocate intensely for the protection of water and glaciers in Austria's alpine regions. This donation will be used for projects that serve to achieve this goal.

Yesterday we had the president of  VAVÖ, Mag. Gerald Dunkel-Schwarzenberger and vice president Mag. Günter Abraham as guests at our New Year’s Concert press conference.