October 1, 2021

New Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy Course Begins

© Ben Morrison

The second group of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy students from Austria, the USA, Chile, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Hungary and Romania is beginning its training in Vienna.

Chairman Daniel Froschauer and CEO Michael Bladerer are looking forward to the new installment of this two-year training program. "The primary goal is the artistic training of young musicians, aged 18 - 27, through individual lessons, chamber music, orchestral playing, and audition preparation. Members of the Vienna Philharmonic accompany the academy students as teachers and mentors. The students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the orchestra's specific style of playing, its long-standing traditions, variety of interpretation and distinctive sound while working with the greatest conductors and most renowned soloists and performing on tour. During the two-year training program, the young musicians are familiarized with all facets of the profession."

The academy students are also given the opportunity to take advantage of all the orchestra has to offer, becoming acquainted with the "Philharmonic Idea" of self-governance, the guest conductor system, and all other artistic areas. Under the motto of "Music in Society", lectures, discussions and meetings with outstanding personalities from the fields of culture, politics, business, science and sports will take place in order to expose students to the broad spectrum of Viennese culture.

The Vienna Philharmonic medical program "Performing Arts Medicine" is also available to academy students.

Also as part of the "Music in Society" program, special emphasis will be placed on music and social responsibility, with a planned trip to Theresienstadt in order to focus on the responsibility of artists and musicians in the larger humanitarian context.

Chamber Music Concerts performed by the academy students will take place as follows:
Gustav Mahler Society - November 29, 2021
Melk Abbey - January 22, 2022
Brahms Hall - May 4, 2022

The artistic direction of the academy belongs to double bass player and Vienna Philharmonic CEO Michael Bladerer: "The Academy should provide give and take. Our orchestra can benefit from the energy of the young, and the young can in return learn from our experience."

Here is a list of the new group of academy students:

Violin: Lucas Takeshi Stratmann - USA

Violin: Robert Amadeo Sanders - USA

Violin: Sandra Seržāne - Latvia

Viola: Jannis Hoesch - Germany

Violoncello: Bence Temesvári - Hungary

Double bass: Carlos Aguilar Vargas – Chile

Flute: Theresia Prinz - Austria

Oboe: Katharina Kratochwil - Austria

Clarinet: Petra Liedauer - Austria

Bassoon: Traian-Petroniu Sturza – Romania

Horn: Thomas Johannes Steinwender - Austria

Trombone: Alberto Bonillo Losa – Spain

Trumpet: Bernhard Bittermann - Österreich

For further information about the new group of academy students klick here