Tickets for the Preview Performance, the New Year's Eve and New Year's Concerts

Ticket Information

Due to extremely high demand, tickets for the three traditional end of year concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic are drawn by lot over this website at the beginning of each year. In this way, music lovers from all over the world have an equal chance to purchase these highly desired tickets. Between February 1 and 28, 2021, applications will be accepted to take part in the drawing for tickets to the end of year concerts 2021/22.

Application Period: February 1 - 28, 2021

During this period, interested persons are invited to apply on this website for tickets to the Preview Performance (December 30, 2021, 11:00 AM), the New Year's Eve Concert (December 31, 2021, 7:30 PM), and the New Year's Concert (January 1, 2022, 11:15 AM).

The first step is to create a user account on the Vienna Philharmonic website. In order to create an account, use the button "Create Account", which you will find at the upper right of every page on the website. The registration of a user account can be undertaken at any time and is independent of the application period for taking part in the drawing of New Year's Concert tickets.

After your user account has been registered, you can make your application for New Year's Concert tickets during the application period (February of every year) in the 'My Account' area. Here you can specify for which concerts and in which categories you would like to apply. You may make one application for each of the three concerts.

Price Categories

The number of tickets for the New Year's Concert is limited to two, and the number of tickets for the Preview Performance and New Year's Eve Concert can be up to four. The ticket prices range between 35 € and 1200 € for the New Year's Concert, 25 € and 860 € for the New Year's Eve Concert, and 20 € and 495 € for the Preview Performance. The program is the same for all three concerts.

You can view the status of the drawing at any time under your personal account. Should you wish to make a change in your application, you may only do so during the application period (February 1 - 28). In March, you will be informed of the results of the drawing in the 'My Account' area and by e-mail.

Wheelchair Seating

There is also a limited amount of wheelchair seating for each concert as part of the drawing. The application for this seating is made by using an online application form. Registered users interested in applying for wheelchair seating are invited to do so within the application period by filling out the application form that will be made available. Each application for wheelchair seating includes a place for a wheelchair and a seat for an accompanying individual.

When Should I Apply?

Within the one-month application period, the actual time of application is irrelevant. An application made on February 1 has the same chances as an application made on February 28.

The only way to obtain tickets for these concerts is by taking part in the online drawing! Requests submitted through the postal system, by e-mail or by any other means will not be considered!

Should you have further questions about the drawing, please visit the Frequently asked Questions about the New Year's Concert.


Frequently asked Questions about the New Year's Concert

How can I register for New Year's concert tickets? Why do I have to open a user account before taking part in the drawing? When should I apply for tickets?

Information in other languages

  • Entradas para los Conciertos de Noche Vieja y Año Nuevo. Spanish
  • Billets pour le Concert de la Saint-Sylvestre et du Nouvel An. French
  • Biglietti del concerto di San Silvestro e del concerto di Capodanno. Italian
  • Informacje o biletach na koncert noworoczny w języku polskim. Polish