Academy Activities

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Orchestra Academy

Meetings with Conductors

Academy students not only have the opportunity to experience famous conductors on the concert podium, but can also get to know them personally in "meet and greet" sessions.

Orchestra Academy

Private Instruction

Personal artistic instruction is at the heart of the academy program. During private sessions with orchestra members as well as well-known international soloists, the academy students can learn much about interpretation and Viennese style while at the same time perfecting their instrumental abilities.

Orchestra Academy

Chamber Music

Preparing and performing chamber music repertoire in concerts, ceremonies and other events provides opportunities to present varied chamber music compositions in diverse formations to discerning audiences.

Orchestra Academy


Auxiliary courses, lectures and seminars offer academy students the opportunity to learn about the history of the Vienna Philharmonic and Austria's cultural diversity. Guidance is offered from well-known doctors and physical therapists about avoiding occupational illnesses and briefings are held on dealing with the media and social networking.