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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Fri, 24. September 2010


passwort:klassik / Children and Young People Do Opera

"I really like the camp. It is cool that so many people come from lots of different places and then we make music together and learn about an opera and the composer."

Music Camps 2010

Children and young people came to Salzburg during the past summer to explore the world of opera at the fifth annual music camps presented by passwort:klassik, the music education project of the Vienna Philharmonic. As in past years, the goal of the camps was to allow the participants to deal with operas presented at this year's Salzburg Festival. The themes of this summer's workshops, in which 105 young people from Austria and several other countries participated, were represented in the three camps "Don Giovanni", "Orfeo" und "Orfelino".

Over the course of four to six days the young participants, together with members of the Vienna Philharmonic and stage directors, actors, costume designers, artists, chorus directors and music educators, created their own musical commentaries to the respective operas in the Arenberg Palace. They drew inspiration for their productions by visiting the dress rehearsals at the Festival Hall. The highlights of the camps were the closing presentations of these creations in the main hall of the University of Salzburg.

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