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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Nachrichten 2012

Sun, 16. September 2012



Vienna Philharmonic Special Concert with Young Wind Instrumentalists

The Vienna Philharmonic Special Concert with Young Wind Instrumentalists, an undertaking initiated in 2006 by Gerald Schubert, has long become a fixed event in the concert calendar of the Salzburg Festival. This year's production in the Felsenreitschule took place on August 19th and was coached by Günter Federsel, Alexander Ölberger, Peter Schmidl, Michael Werba, Lars Michael Stransky, Gotthard Eder, Markus Pichler (trombone, Vienna State Opera Orchestra), Paul Halwax and Roland Altmann under the artistic supervision of Karl Jeitler Arrangements from compositions by Michael Haydn, Pietro Mascagni, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Johann Strauss, Sr., Johann and Josef Strauss, Josef Bayer and Anton Fridrich were performed. Since 2007, half of the 70 member youth orchestra comes every year from Salzburg, with the other half rotating in from various Austrian provinces. In the past they have come from Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Tyrol, Styria and Vorarlberg, with this year's contingent coming from Carinthia.



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