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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Fri, 07. November 2014

Andreas Großbauer



Fritz Trümpi & Bernadette Mayrhofer: "Orchestrierte Vertreibung. Unerwünschte Wiener Philharmoniker - Verfolgung, Ermordung und Exil"

The presentation of the book "Orchestrierte Vertreibung – Unerwünschte Wiener Philharmoniker – Verfolgung, Ermordung und Exil" (Orchestrated Displacement - Unwanted Members of the Vienna Philharmonic - Persecution, Murder and Exile), which took place on November 6, 2014, in the Jewish Museum of Vienna was accompanied by a memorial concert in which compositions by displaced members of the Vienna Philharmonic were played. Among these, members of the Vienna Philharmonic performed the premiere of the Serenade by the violinist Josef Geringer.

Chairman Andreas Grossbauer declared at the presentation that, "…with this volume, Mrs. Mayrhofer and Mr. Trümpi have made an important contribution to the ongoing documentation of the darkest chapter of the orchestra's history. I take a great personal interest in this issue and we are grateful for the work which has been done. We deeply regret the manner in which our colleagues at that time were persecuted.

In the future, the Vienna Philharmonic will continue to take steps to further document its past. We place high value on transparency of the historical and scholarly documentation. In order to make this possible, we will be investing the entire proceeds of the highly endowed Birgit Nilsson Prize in our Historical Archives, in order to ensure that what happened during this terrible era will never be forgotten."



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