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Das Philharmonische Tagebuch

Wed, 16. September 2015

Prof. Reinhard Öhlberger



Musical Education in Salzburg

Once again this year at the Salzburg Festival, the "Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy" was presented to provide training for young instrumentalists who will perhaps in the future choose to become professional musicians. The direction of the academy has, for the past two years, been in the capable hands of orchestra member Prof. Michael Werba. Teaching sessions for the more than 40 young participants were provided by Philharmonic members Peter Götzel, Dieter Flury, Milan Šetena, Alina Pinchas (Vienna State Opera Orchestra), Anton Mittermayr. Tobias Lea, Gerald Schubert, Robert Nagy, Alexander Öhlberger, Thomas Lechner, Shkëlzen Doli, Günter Seifert, Stepan Turnovsky, Martin Kubik, Johann Hindler, Pavel Kuzmichev, Christoph Koncz, Edison Pasko and Michael Werba. Three concerts were presented on August 6, 9, and 12 in the Musikum, as well as the a final closing concert ("Schlussmarathons") on August 16th in the Large University Auditorium. In three installments at 4, 6 and 8 PM,  24 musical compositions, some of these single movements, could be heard. In addition to all the above, the young musicians were employed as stage musicians for the Salzburg Festival with four musicians performing in "Trovatore" and 28 in "Rosenkavalier",  providing them young musicians with a taste of professional music making in an ensemble of significant importance to the Festival.

Philharmonic musicians also participated with young musicians at the 10th Special Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic with Young Wind Players from Salzburg and Upper Austria", under the direction of former trombonist, Prof. Karl Jeitler.

Supported by Philharmonic musicians Wolfgang Breinschmid, Alexander Öhlberger, Hannes Moser (Stage Orchestra, Vienna State Opera), Harald Müller, Gotthard Eder, Lars Michael Stransky, Mark Gaal, Paul Halwax and Thomas Lechner, a concert program was prepared that took place in the Felsenreitschule on the morning of August 16th, which included the participation of the above named orchestra members. A well-rehearsed concert with works by Julius Fucik, Ruggerio Leoncavallo, as well as by Johann and Josef Strauss arranged for 'Blasmusik' was presented. As encores, the traditional "Rainer March" by Hans Schmid and the fast polka "Leichtes Blut" by Johann Strauß were performed.



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