March 3, 2015

Franz Schalk Medal for Dr. Wolfgang Feuchtmüller

© Terry Linke

On Thursday, February 12th, following the rehearsal with Daniele Gatti in the large hall of the Musikverein, an unusual awards ceremony took place. Dr. Wolfgang Feuchtmüller—Director and Advisor for the Committee of the Bank Austria—received the Franz-Schalk-Medaille in Gold from the hands of orchestra chairman Andreas Großbauer. This is an expression of the orchestra's  gratitude for Dr. Feuchtmüller's trustworthy service on behalf of the Vienna Philharmonic over the past decades.

The Franz-Schalk-Medaille is an award which has been bestowed upon worthy individuals by the Vienna Philharmonic since 1963. Franz Schalk was the Director of the Concerts of the Friends of Music, instructor at the Vienna Music Academy, Director of the Vienna State Opera and one of the founders of the Salzburg Festival. "Watch over my Philharmonic" was reportedly the last sentence spoken by Franz Schalk before he died.

Dr. Feuchtmüller has had the responsibility for coordinating all of the bank's joint projects with the Vienna Philharmonic, including making contact with possible sponsors and the continued maintenance of such relationships. Under ten general directors, Dr. Feuchtmüller has shepherded projects all the way from the former Länderbank concerts to the International Music Forum in Trenta, Slovenia.