May 14, 2021

Maestro Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic get Romy Award

© Dieter Nagl

We are pleased to announce that Maestro Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic have been awarded the prestigious audience prize "Romy 2021" for the TV-Moment of the year at the 2021 New Year's Concert. The awards were presented by Dr. Barbara Rett in the presence of General Director Dr. Alexander Wrabetz.

Daniel Froschauer, Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic, stated, "The Romy Award is a confirmation that, despite the pandemic, we were successful in sending with the music of the New Year's Concert a message of hope to the world and provide inspiration for our audience. The gratitude of listeners and viewers from around the world is our greatest reward, especially after enduring such difficult times. We are thankful for all of the participants who helped make the concert broadcast possible.

The television broadcast of the entire Romy awards ceremony will take place on May 15 at 8:15 PM on ORF II.

The prizes were presented during a rehearsal of Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic in preparation for the concerts in Italy in honor of Maestro Muti's 80th birthday.