Petra Liedauer

© Monika Dämon


Petra Liedauer was born in 1995 in Austria. She received her first clarinet instruction from Markus Renhart at the age of eight years. After preparatory studies at the Anton Bruckner Private University with Prof. Gernot Fresacher, she changed to the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where she was taught by Prof. Johann Hindler and Prof. Rupert Fankhauser. She is currently studying with Prof. Christoph Zimper.

Petra Liedauer has been awarded several prizes and special prizes at various competitions, including Prima la musica, Musik in kleinen Gruppen, a Rotary stipend, the Kiwanis Arts Prize, the Lions Competition and Musica Juventutis.

As a participant in various master classes, she has collected valuable musical stimulus from Matthias Schorn, Gerald Pachinger, Helmut Hödl and others.

She has collected orchestral experience with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Klagenfurt Symphony and the Bühne Baden.