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Recent Activities

Reflections on Petruschka by Students for Students

Two hundred primary school students from six different districts of Vienna spent several weeks taking an in depth look at Igor Stravinsky's "Petruschka". They presented their colorful lineup of contributions in a program on March 16, 2018, in the Glass Hall of the Vienna Musikverein.

Everything was included in the presentation, including pantomime, dance, song, visual arts and even musical contributions by professionals. Excerpts from the composition were performed by Philharmonic musicians Thomas Hajek, viola, and Oliver Madas, percussion, together with pianists Veronika Trisko and Johanna Gröbner. The highlight of the project will be a visit to the dress rehearsal of the composition under the baton of Andrés Orozco-Estrada on April 5, 2018.


It is great to have an opportunity to introduce the children to classical music. And aside from all the intensive work with my class, it was also personally enriching for me. Now I know Petrushka better than all of my favorite operas! Thank you again for the perfect total package of teacher workshops, learning materials, school workshops and rehearsal visit.

Reflections on Petruschka by Students for Students

Two hundred primary school students from six different districts of Vienna spent several weeks taking an in depth look at Igor Stravinsky's "Petruschka".


Musical Introduction to the 6th Subscription Concert

Visitors to the "Klingende Konzerteinführung", part of the musical education program passwort:klassik experienced an impressive portrayal of Charles Ives.

Violinist Tibor Kovác and pianist Christopher Hinterhuber, along with students from two high schools in Lower Austria, made use of chamber music, excerpts from the 2nd Symphony and interesting experiments in sound to present insights into the world of this US-American composer.


The students were all very excitred about the project. They particularly liked the dress rehearsal of the Vienna Philharmonic in the Golden Hall. It was very interesting for them to get an inside look at the organisation and implementation of a classical music concert.

Musical Introduction to the 6th Subscription Concert

...an impressive portrayal of Charles Ives...


Chamber Music Concert for Children with Bach and Telemann

Before the Ensemble Ornamentum Philharmonicum performed in the Chamber Music Cycle in the Vienna State Opera, it played a concert for over 1000 primary school children in the Mozart Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus. The house was packed full for both of the two one-hour concerts. An entertaining moderation, an actor's appearance as Johann Sebastian Bach and lots of audience participation kept the youngsters in the best of spirits.

We really enjoyed the concert! The musicians were great! The kids were fascinated by the instruments. I particularly liked your presentation. You hit the right register for the children and guided us all through the concert expertly – very well done!


A Successful Alpine Expedition

The “Introduction from pupils for pupils” format requires and instigates an intense confrontation with a selected piece of music and its origin and composer. Four classes chose an aspect of the Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss which, over several weeks, they then explored and analyzed.

In preparation for a visit to the dress rehearsal of the work, the classes presented their musical, scenic and artistic results as an introduction to the work. An encounter with members of the orchestra also left the pupils with a lasting impression: Martin Kubik on violin, Csaba Bornemisza on violoncello, Stefan Neubauer on clarinet and Wolfgang Lintner on Viennese horn vividly presented elements of the work on their instruments. All in all, a highly successful musical Alpine expedition.

A Successful Alpine Expedition

Four school classes spent several weeks creating their own version of the Alpine Symphony of Richard Strauss.


The Trombone Sets the Tone

For an entire day, the trombones set the tone at the Am Hundsturm elementary school. With their instruments on their backs, the Philharmonic chamber music ensemble made up of Dietmar Küblböck, Mark Gaal, Enzo Turriziani, Johannes Ettlinger, Andreas Eitzinger and Johann Ströcker - joined by percussionist Benjamin Schmidinger - made their way to the school in Vienna’s 5th district.  Twice that morning, the gym of the elementary school was filled to capacity, as none of the second to fourth grade pupils wanted to miss the concert.

As "travel guide", Mark Gaal led the audience through the program’s musical landscapes, in which the young people could actively participate. The performance by seven-year-old Toni also made a big impression and in the afternoon all the children had the chance to try to produce notes on a trombone themselves.



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