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Help Center for the Drawing of Tickets to the New Year's Concert

Using the Help Center

This Help Center consists of a representative cross section of questions which are often asked in conjunction with the drawing of tickets for the New Year's Concert. If you have a question about the drawing, please make use of the Help Center to find your answer. You can either look through the list of questions and answers by category, or type a keyword into the text area next to 'search FAQ'.

My question is about ...


Freiwerdende Abonnements

Your question is not answered? Then you can make use of our contact form. Please consider that due to the large amount of requests we receive during the days of the New Year's Concert, it may take a few days until we can answer your request.


Contact Form

Please be advised that around the New Year's Concert and the Summer Night Concert, the large volume of inquiries can lead to a lengthy processing time.

We ask for your understanding that questions regarding the New Year's Concert and the drawing of tickets which are already answered in the Help Center will not be answered by e-mail. Similarly, questions concerning the Summer Night Concert, which are answered on the Summer Night Concert website, will not receive an e-mail reply.

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