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First Violin

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Andreas Großbauer

First Violin

Place of Birth: Graz
Membership in the Vienna State Opera Orchestra: 2005
Membership in the Association of the Vienna Philharmonic: 2008

Andreas Großbauer was born in Graz in 1974 and began his musical training at the age of five on the violin. At the age of twelve he was admitted to the University of Music in Graz. After the first level of study he continued with Alfred Staar, a member of the Vienna Philharmonic, in Oberschützen and Vienna. His education was augmented by various master classes and extensive chamber music activity. Großbauer received his first orchestral experience with the Symphony Orchestra of Graz and as the concertmaster of the Orchestra Seminar of the Vienna Philharmonic in Attergau.

Andreas Großbauer became a substitute at the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic in December 1998. After a successful audition in May 2001 he was engaged as a first violinist with the Vienna Symphony. At the same time he became a member of the Philharmonia Schrammeln Wien, which for decades has performed a well-known concert series at the Musikverein in Vienna. Großbauer performed in this ensemble for ten years and is in possession of the Pilat violin once owned by Johann Schrammel.

In 2005 Großbauer joined the first violin section of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic. In 2007 the orchestra elected him as director of the Philharmonic Ball. Since then he has organized the orchestra's annual ball in the Musikverein and established a ball committee comprised of Rotraut Konrad, Madleine Rohla-Strauss (great-granddaughter of Richard Strauss), Vienna State Opera Director Dominique Meyer and Federal Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer.

Andreas Großbauer is also a member of the Vienna Chamber Ensemble, an octet formed by the former Philharmonic concertmaster Gerhart Hetzel.

On June 11, 2014, Großbauer was elected to be the successor to Dr. Clemens Hellsberg as Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic. Großbauer plays on a violin owned by the Philharmonic, which was built by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume in Paris in 1830 and used by the orchestra's former concertmaster and chairman, Walter Barylli.

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